ICOM Radio Equipment

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  • ICOM Nylon Case with Swivel

    Item Number - AMSR016

    $65.34 inc GST

    Nc4020S – Suits IC-A15 Radio

  • ICOM BC160 Desktop Fast Charger

    Item Number - AMSR004

    $108.90 inc GST

    Desktop charging station for ICOM IC-A15

  • ICOM BP232H – High Capacity Battery

    Item Number - AMSR029

    $100.10 inc GST

    Li-Ion battery: 7.4V/2300mAh Significantly boosts battery life on the ICOM IC-A15

  • ICOM BC121N Desktop Multi Charger (Kit)

    Item Number - AMSR028

    $955.90 inc GST

    Desktop Multi Charge Station for ICOM IC-A15 The kit comes complete with 6 x ICOM AD106 charge adaptors and 1 x ICOM BC157S Power Supply

  • Monocone Ground Plane Antenna

    Item Number - AMSR037

    $493.35 inc GST

    Suitable for Aviation VHF Base Station Installation.

    Omni-directional, vertically polarized, unity gain, monocone ground plane antenna. This model has constant impedance and pattern over a wider bandwidth than conventional ground plane antennas, and a lower angle of radiation.

    Note that this is not an ICOM product.

  • VHF Ground Independent Mobile Antenna

    Item Number - AMSR033

    $85.20 inc GST

    Mobile Antenna suitable for ICOM IC-A120E or ICOM IC-A110. This antenna may be mounted on gutter fittings, bullbar mounts or mirror installations. The pictured coaxial cable is 5 metres long and is supplied with a separate UHF connector which may be terminated once the cable has been fed through the vehicle firewall. Some tools will […]