Lighting / Electrical

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  • Series Isolation Transformers Incandescent

    Item Number - AMSL055

    $164.45 inc GST

    Series Isolation Transformers (for all elevated PAL and inset white ATG fittings. Also available for inset coloured ATG fittings)

  • Thorn lens Green/Red/Clear

    Item Number - AMSL061

    Thorn lens (to suit Thorn F2-1 fitting (available green / red / clear)

  • Thorn Lens (red/green)

    Item Number - AMSL061-1

    $0.00 inc GST

    Thorn lens (to suit Thorn F2-1 fitting (red/green)

  • Dichroic Filters

    Item Number - AMSL062

    $411.84 inc GST

    Dichroic Filters for PAPI lights

  • J1/74 6.6A, 30W G6.35 bi-pin lamp

    Item Number - AMSL064

    $15.24 inc GST

    J1/74 – G6.35 Halgoen Lamps

  • Lamp Holder Assembly

    Item Number - AMSL065

    $47.05 inc GST

    Lamp Holder Assembly for PAL Light with Bi-Pin Lamp Holder (PALG 6.35LHASSY)

  • Lock Ring

    Item Number - AMSL067

    $16.24 inc GST

    Lock Ring to suit PAL Light (PALLOCKRING)

  • Body kit

    Item Number - AMSL068

    $43.26 inc GST

    Body kit to suit PAL Light (PALBODYKITG6)

  • PAPI Projector Cover

    Item Number - AMSL070

    $217.36 inc GST

    PAPI Projector Cover

  • PAPI Lamp Lead

    Item Number - AMSL071

    $106.82 inc GST

    PAPI Lamp Lead