ICOM Radio Equipment

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  • ICOM BC160 Desktop Fast Charger

    Item Number - AMSR004

    $108.90 inc GST

    ICOM BC160 – Desktop charging station for ICOM IC-A15

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  • ICOM BP232H – High Capacity Battery

    Item Number - AMSR029

    $100.10 inc GST

    ICOM BP262H – Li-Ion battery: 7.4V/2300mAh

    This is an upgrade to the standard battery supplied with the IC-A15.

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  • ICOM BC121N Desktop Multi Charger (Kit)

    Item Number - AMSR028

    $955.90 inc GST

    Desktop Multi Charge Station for ICOM IC-A15

    The kit comes complete with 6 x ICOM AD106 charge adaptors and 1 x ICOM BC157S Power Supply

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  • Monocone Ground Plane Antenna

    Item Number - AMSR037

    $493.35 inc GST

    Suitable for Aviation VHF Base Station Installation.

    Omni-directional, vertically polarized, unity gain, monocone ground plane antenna. This model has constant impedance and pattern over a wider bandwidth than conventional ground plane antennas and a lower angle of radiation.

    Note that this is not an ICOM product.

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  • VHF Ground Independent Mobile Antenna

    Item Number - AMSR033

    $85.20 inc GST

    Mobile Antenna suitable for ICOM IC-A120E or ICOM IC-A110.

    This antenna may be mounted on gutter fittings, bullbar mounts or mirror installations.

    The pictured coaxial cable is 5 metres long and is supplied with a separate UHF connector which may be terminated once the cable has been fed through the vehicle firewall. Some tools will be required for termination.

    Please note this is not an ICOM product.

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