Solar Lighting

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  • Rubber Tile Security Bolt Set

    Item Number - AMSS009

    $18.59 inc GST

    Security Bolt Set for tile c/w 3 x M8x40 bolts, 3 x M8 penny washers & 3 x M8 Nylock 316 grade stainless steel one set per tile  

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  • Solar Light Stake Mount Complete Set

    Item Number - AMSS010

    $125.84 inc GST

    Frangible Stakemount Set Complete c/w AV-MC09 light mounting plate, AV-MC07 frangible coupling, AV-MC08 ground stake & fasteners. YELLOW In ground insertion = 28cm / 11 inches (for unsealed area)  

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  • Solar Light Concrete Mount Set

    Item Number - AMSS011

    $125.84 inc GST

    Frangible Concrete Mount Solution Complete c/w 2x AV-MC09 light mounting plate, AV-MC-07 coupling & anchor bolts (4). YELLOW  

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  • Solar Panel, Mounting Kit, Solar Regulator, Solar Cables and Large Battery

    Item Number - AMSS012

    Code: AMSS012 AFRU – Solar Panel, mounting kit, solar regulator, solar cables (8m x 2) and large battery (the panel will rapidly charge the battery each morning but will be able to charge it fully throughout the day so it is back to 100% capacity before each night)

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  • Battery Solar Aviation Light

    Item Number - AMSS016

    $164.45 inc GST

    AV-B16-3.6 Battery Pack, Dual (3.6v 16Ah NiMH)  

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  • Complete Windsock Assembly

    Item Number - AMSS017

    $14,371.50 inc GST

    Complete Windsock Assembly, including 6.5 Meter Sock Height, 4 domed LED Luminaires (AV09), Obstruction Lighting Mount, 140 Watt Solar Module, 2 X 55 Ah Batteris in Compartment at post base. Non Frangible  

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  • Solar Kit for IWDI

    Item Number - AMSS018

    Solar Kit for IWDI (6 hour continuous run time, includes car-charger/generator attachment point as backup)  

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