Accountable Managers Webinar

As a requirement of the new Manual Of Standards (MOS) Part 139 regulations for certified aerodromes, an identified Accountable Manager is required to be in place as of the 13th August 2020.

The Accountable Manager is required to have a certain amount of knowledge and be able to demonstrate a general understanding of the standards and regulations as they apply to the safety of the aerodrome.

Aerodrome Management Services (AMS) has introduced a 90-minute online webinar to assist new Accountable Managers gain an awareness of the responsibilities under subregulation 139.110 (5) of the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations (CASR).

In this 1-hour introductory webinar we will explore the responsibilities of this new role and discuss training and knowledge requirements, as well as key legislations that relates to this position.  There will be opportunities for you to ask questions via our chat panel, and those who register will receive a Certificate of Participation as well as a suite of handy resources to reference during the webinar and to further their knowledge if they are taking on the Accountable Manager role.

Webinar Cost

$99 (including GST) per person. Please email if you require a formalised quote.

Please note: a 2% credit card fee applies for any CC payments.

Upcoming Dates and Enrolment Links

24th September (13:00-14:30WST) | Enrol Here

1st October (13:00-14:30WST) | Enrol Here

13th October (13:00-14:30WST) | Enrol Here