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  • 13.6 Litre Stainless Steel Bucket

    Item Number - AMSJ010

    $490.33 inc GST

    Stainless steel purge and sample bucket with bonding cable.

  • 2 Litre Glass Sample Jar With Handle

    Item Number - AMSJ009

    $38.50 inc GST

    Standard sampling jar complete with lid and handle

  • Alcohol Thermometer ASTM 12C 20 – 102c

    Item Number - AMSJ008

    $271.70 inc GST

    Alcohol thermometer for measuring fuel temperature.

  • Deadman Handle

    Item Number - AMSJ007

    $1,211.21 inc GST

    Complete with lead and plug

  • Density Hydrometer .775-.825 (Jet A1)

    Item Number - AMSJ006

    $230.56 inc GST

    This hydrometer is commonly used for Jet A1 testing applications where density falls between .775kg/l and .825kg/l.

  • Hose Beads 1 1/4″

    Item Number - AMSJ005

    $568.43 inc GST

    Bag containing 60 hose beads.

  • Hose Beads 2″

    Item Number - AMSJ004

    $400.40 inc GST

    Bag containing 40 hose beads.

  • Syringe 5ml

    Item Number - AMSJ003

    $46.48 inc GST

    This has a screw base and is compatible with the syringe puller also advertised on our website.

  • Syringe Puller

    Item Number - AMSJ002

    $169.46 inc GST

    This device allows you to sample from the bottom of the sample jar or bucket. A screw based syringe is required. (Advertised on our website also)

  • Water Detector Capsules

    Item Number - AMSJ001

    $143.72 inc GST

    Box containing 80 SWD capsules.