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  • ICOM IC-A16E Airband VHF Handheld Tranciever

    Item Number - AMSR001

    ICOM IC-A16E air band radio suitable for ground to air usage.

    Complete with BP280 Battery, BC213 rapid charger, BC242, FAB02AR antenna, MB133 Belt Clip & Hand Strap.

    Airband_IC-A16E Brochure


    The ICOM IC-A16E radio is extremely durable and may be used for communications at uncontrolled aerodromes either from the vehicle or on foot.

    Subject to terrain, atmospherics radio setup and other factors this radio has an approximate range of between 50 to 70km in typical conditions.

    For controlled aerodromes AMS would recommend that the ARO uses the IC-A120 radio mounted in the vehicle as it has better range, does not require batteries to be charged and is more resistant to shielding of transmissions caused by buildings, sloped runways or other items which may block radio transmissions.

    We would generally suggest that each airport holds at least two IC-A16E radios so that one can be on charge whilst the other one is being used. It is not good to run out of charged radios whilst out on the runway.

    We carry a variety of accessories and spare parts for the ICOM IC-A16E.

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