AVISS00053 Aerodrome Reporting Officer Skill Set

Aerodrome Management Services (RTO 52413)

About the Course

Our Nationally Recognised ARO Skill Set course has been designed to provide participants with the confidence to perform the role of Aerodrome Reporting Officer and Works Safety Officer at an aerodrome. Our face-to-face courses are held regularly around Australia, alternatively we can deliver the course at your site/aerodrome upon request (access to an aerodrome is required for the practical training and assessment activities).

This course is mapped from the AVISS00053 Aerodrome Reporting Officer Skill Set units of competency and the primary requirements of CASA Advisory Circular AC139.C-02 Aerodrome Personnel.

Successful completion of the AVISS00053 Aerodrome Reporting Officer Skill Set will equip participants with the skills and knowledge to:

  • Plan for and conduct serviceability inspections,
  • Complete standard workplace documentation,
  • Operate an aeronautical radio,
  • Facilitate the safety of aerodrome works and works site access.

Our experienced trainers deliver personalised, flexible, and supportive training to ensure course content is relevant and valuable for those that are new to the industry, as well as those who are looking to build their knowledge in this area.

AMS take a ‘no-surprises’ approach to all assessment activities. Each assessment will be explained to each participant prior to taking place, and course participants will have the opportunity to ask questions prior to the assessment taking place. Your trainer will provide additional training support where possible.

This course is not recommended for ARO Refresher students. We recommend attending one of our customised ARO Refresher courses – course dates for our F2F classes are available here.

Units of Competency/Certification

Course participants that successfully complete the assessment requirements for this course will receive a Statement of Attainment for the following eight (8) Nationally Recognised units of competency:

  • AVIB0002 Inspect and report on aerodrome serviceability
  • AVIB0003 Inspect and report on serviceability of aerodrome lighting systems
  • AVIB0004 Inspect and report on obstacle limitation surfaces
  • AVIZ0003 Maintain basic situational awareness in an aviation workplace
  • AVIE0005 Complete a Notice to Airmen (NOTAM)
  • AVIC0001 Drive on the airside
  • AVIE0003 Operate aeronautical radio
  • AVIF0045 Facilitate the safety of aerodrome works and works site access.

Course Duration

Our AVISS00053 Aerodrome Reporting Officer Skill Set runs for 4 full days, comprising of 3 days in the classroom and 1 day at a live aerodrome. Taking pre-and post-course assessment requirements into consideration, the course can be completed within 3 months.

Before You Enrol! Course Entry Considerations

Language, Literacy and Numeracy Requirements

It is important to note that the AVISS00053 Aerodrome Reporting Officer Skill Set is designed and assessed at AQF Level 3.

Course participants will be required to:

  • Complete routine activities and workplace documentation of an ARO/WSO,
  • Perform basic math calculations,
  • Read, understand (interpret) and complete forms,
  • Use a computer/the internet,
  • Conduct online research to locate legislative information and forms, and advisory information,
  • Complete theory work, including written theory answers,
  • Communicate in small groups, understand verbal information and cues.

It is essential that students complete their pre-course learning (provided at enrolment) and theory assessment prior to attending the ARO course. The pre-course kit has been designed to provide upcoming course participants with essential foundation knowledge in relation to aerodromes, and the role of the ARO/WSO. More information relating to our course assessment has been provided below.

Course Assessments

  • Course participants are required to hold a current driver’s licence to complete the assessment requirements for the unit AVIC0001 Drive on the airside and
  • Are required to access an aerodrome with (a) a suitably qualified ARO (supervisor) and (b) lighting, to complete the post-course assessment requirements (see Post-Course Requirements below for more information).

Assessment Requirements

The AVISS00053 Aerodrome Reporting Officer Skill Set course is competency-based.  This means in order to be deemed competent in the units of competency, participants are required to do more than just attend the course.  Participants will also be required to provide evidence that they have understood the training, acquired the skills and knowledge, and then were able to effectively apply them in an aviation workplace.

For this reason, it is not possible to complete all of the assessment requirements during the face-to-face phase of the AVISS00053 Aerodrome Reporting Officer Skill Set course.

Pre-Course Assessments (Theory)

Course participants will be provided with a pre-course learner guide and theory assessment once their enrolment has been processed. Course participants are required to familiarise themselves with the contents of the learner guide (including links to external resources) and answer the required questions. The completed pre-course assessment will need to be handed in on the first day of the course for marking by the assessor.

Course Assessments (Theory and Practical)

Course participants will be provided with their own comprehensive ARO Handbook during the course to reference during the course, and to keep for future reference.  Theory questions, group activities, and practical demonstration assessments are be completed over the four days of the course, including a practical assessment at a live aerodrome (under the supervision of an AMS Trainer) on the last day of the course.

Post-Course Assessments (Workplace, Theory and Practical)

After the course component has been completed, course participants will need to build experience on an aerodrome undertaking practical activities, using the skills and knowledge they have learnt from their ARO Course. This needs to be completed within 3-months from their ARO course. We recommend that potential course participants do not enrol into the ARO course until they have secured work placement at an aerodrome to complete their post-course assessment.  It is the responsibility of the student to organise work placement for their post-course assessment. 

Post-Course documentation includes a familiarisation checklist, as well as a list of commonly used documents/reports that you will need to complete with a suitably qualified workplace supervisor/ARO.

Fees and Payment

A formalised quote will be provided upon request. As per our Refunds Policy (available on our website), we do not collect enrolment fees in advance where a purchase order can be supplied. For private students an enrolment fee is payable in lieu of a purchase order to secure your booking. Credit card payments can be made over the phone on (08) 9221 6777 on or after the first day of the course. A 2% CC surcharge applies for credit card payments. Please note AMS reserves the right to withhold certification until full course payment has been made.

Additional Information

For more information relating to our training procedures and policies please visit the Student Information section of our website: http://amsaustralia.online/Student-Info.

If you still have questions relating to this course, please contact us.

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AVISS00053 Aerodrome Reporting Officer Skill Set