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1. Introduction to the Accountable Manager Role

As a requirement of the updated Manual Of Standards (MOS) Part 139 regulations for certified aerodromes, an identified Accountable Manager must be in place as of the 13th August 2020.  The Accountable Manager is required to have a certain amount of knowledge and must be able to demonstrate a general understanding of the standards and regulations as they apply to the safety of the aerodrome. The Advisory Circular (AC139.C-02) definition states the appointed Accountable Manager ensures compliance, maintenance and operational activities at the aerodrome meet regulatory requirements.

This introductory webinar has been created to assist new Accountable Managers gain an awareness of the responsibilities under sub regulation 139.110 (5) of the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations (CASR), including training and knowledge requirements for the Accountable Manager and team, and key legislation that relates to this position.

This introductory webinar will benefit individuals who have been nominated as the Accountable Manager and want to understand their legal obligations toward the role.

2. Introduction to the Wildlife Hazard Management Plans

If you are in a position where you are now required to activate a wildlife hazard management plan but aren’t quite sure where to start… this webinar is for you!

Presented by one of our Wildlife Hazard Management Plan advocates, Luke will walk you through the process of creating your first WHMP, and how to customise it so it is relevant and workable for your aerodrome. Reflecting on his experience as an airport manager, he will also explain what has proven to work, as well as what usually doesn’t work so well. From here you can garner some ideas around spinning up your own WHMP.

3. Introduction to PANS-Ops

PANS-OPS is short for ‘Procedures for Air Navigation Services – Aircraft Operations’. PAN-OPS describes the way in which aircraft flight procedures are designed in accordance with ICAO standards and recommended practices.

The Part 139 MOS requires operators (where applicable) to check the PANS-OPS surfaces during each serviceability inspection (MOS139 7.20 and 12.03 (6)) so it is important for Aerodrome Reporting Officers, Aerodrome Managers, and Accountable Managers to have a fundamental understanding of these procedures and how to go about protecting them and reporting on them.

This 90-minute webinar is co-presented by Instrument Procedure Designer Tim Thorn from IDS Australia and AMS’ own Luke Bruce-Smith.

4. Introduction to CASR 175

Civil Aviation Safety Regulation 175 contains requirements relating to the nature and accuracy of information that must be sent by the aerodrome organisation to Airservices and flight procedure designers.

The introduction of CASR175 has brought about an additional level of responsibility for aerodrome managers, aerodrome reporting officers, and anyone sending aeronautical information on behalf of the aerodrome when checking information, and following quality and assurance processes.

During this 90-minute introductory webinar we will focus on how to practically carry out an annual check of the aeronautical information for an aerodrome.  This webinar is presented by one of AMS’ subject matter experts.

5. Introduction to Obstacle Limitation Surfaces (OLS)

The airspace around each aerodrome must be protected from obstacles (trees, radio towers, cranes, etc.) so aircraft can safely enter and exit this space (take-off and land). To help aerodrome operators assess what is an obstacle and what is not, a number of 3D invisible surfaces are located around the aerodrome through which no object is allowed to penetrate.

During this 90-minute webinar we will discuss the characteristics of each Obstacle Limitation Surface, breaking down why each surface is so important to aircraft safety, and how to best monitor and manage this space at your aerodrome. This awareness training aims to provide the participant with an understanding of how to protect the OLS space around their aerodrome, as well as manage the risk if an obstacle is found during a serviceability inspection.