Introduction to CASR 175 Webinar

Civil Aviation Safety Regulation 175 contains requirements relating to the nature and accuracy of information that must be sent by the aerodrome organisation to Airservices and flight procedure designers.

The introduction of CASR175 has brought about an additional level of responsibility for aerodrome managers, aerodrome reporting officers, and anyone sending aeronautical information on behalf of the aerodrome when checking information, and following quality and assurance processes.

AMS are presenting this free 90-minute webinar where we will focus on how to practically carry out an annual check of the aeronautical information for an aerodrome.  This webinar will be presented by one of AMS’ subject matter experts, and throughout the webinar you will be able to ask questions via our chat panel and our presenter will provide feedback.

Webinar Availability & Cost

This webinar can be viewed by subscribing to our 30-day ‘Webinars on Demand’ service. Please contact us for a quote: [email protected] or phone (08) 9221 6777.

Introduction to CASR 175 Webinar