Introduction to PANS-OPS Webinar

PANS-OPS is short for ‘Procedures for Air Navigation Services – Aircraft Operations’. PAN-OPS describes the way in which aircraft flight procedures are designed in accordance with ICAO standards and recommended practices.

The Part 139 MOS requires operators (where applicable) to check the PANS-OPS surfaces during each serviceability inspection (MOS139 7.20 and 12.03 (6)) so it is important for Aerodrome Reporting Officers, Aerodrome Managers, and Accountable Managers to have a fundamental understanding of these procedures and how to go about protecting them and reporting on them.

This 90-minute webinar is co-presented by Instrument Procedure Designer Tim Thorn from IDS Australia and AMS’ own Luke Bruce-Smith.

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Introduction to PANS-OPS Webinar