Uncertified Aerodrome Course

About the Course

Our 1-day Uncertified Aerodrome Course is an abridged version of our 4-day Aerodrome Reporting Officer course. Our face-to-face courses are held regularly around Australia, alternatively we can deliver the course at your site/aerodrome upon request.

This course focuses on serviceability inspection requirements at an uncertified aerodrome, safety best practice, and maintaining the operational requirements of this category of aerodrome (where AROs are not required to be present). ‘Best practice’ recommendations from industry are embedded throughout the course.

Whilst training for the operation of Uncertified Aerodromes is not mandated, this course provides valuable introductory knowledge and skills that support the operation of the aerodrome and enhances aerodrome safety for those wishing to go beyond the minimum required standards.

Fees and Payment

A formalised quote will be provided upon request. As per our Refunds Policy (available on our website), we do not collect enrolment fees in advance where a purchase order can be supplied. For private students an enrolment fee is payable in lieu of a purchase order to secure your booking. Credit card payments can be made over the phone on or after the first day of the course. A 2% CC surcharge applies for credit card payments.


This course is not Nationally Recognised. Course participants will receive a Certificate of Participation for attending.

Upcoming Course Dates

No dates are currently scheduled for this course. 

Please email [email protected] if you would like to book a site-based course for your aerodrome personnel.

Uncertified Aerodrome Course